Adina Nistor

Adina Nistor

  • When and where did you start in this industry?

I started 10 years ago in this industry . My first work place was at a Beauty Studio in Bucharest where i worked for 6 years then i moved to Dare Beauty Center. I don’t like to change my job often so you will see me around for a long time 🙂

  • Where did you train to becomes as good as you are today?

I attended several courses but indeed by working almost every day it’s the way you can become the best version of yourself .

  • Where do you find inspiration?

Social media in clearly in the first place , but inspiration can come from anywhere around me.

  • Which technique do you feel most comfortable with/ are you an expert in?

Clasic manicure and pedicure and with semi-permanent gel polish are my strenghts . I focus on cleaning the nail and  applying the color correctly . For me , less is more.