Alina Preda

Alina Preda

  • When and where did you start in this industry?

I started in 2007 and did the cosmetic school at Ucecom in Bucharest, it was the start of my passion for cosmetic and care .

  • Where did you train to becomes as good as you are today?

Followed up the make up school Of Giulia Nahmany where i had as a teacher Renata Mihalache for make up and Anda Georgescu for beauty and care. . I had several courses with Thalgo, I Image  Skincare, Juliette Armand and Maria Galand

  • Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspired from my family, nature , reading also from the people around me wich shares their stories with me.

  • Which technique do you feel most comfortable with/ are you an expert in?

I love this job because it’s so varied, i always get the chance to try new techniques and meet new people, it’s never boring .