Camelia Parvu

Camelia Parvu

  • When and where did you start in this industry?

It all started when I was 17, the SpiruĀ  Haret arts and crafts school 1996 turned out to be a really inspired decision, and that’s because it wasn’t necesarilly passion that drove me onto this path.

  • Where did you train to becomes as good as you are today?

As years went by, I found myself ever more involved, exploretive and eager for learning as my attendancies in Paris, London, Manchester academies made me literally fall in love with my ever developing, wonderfull craft.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

I do consider Claude Julliard as one of my main mentors, as he really managed to change my perspective on this craft, especially by his Visagisme total look seminars.

  • Which technique do you feel most comfortable with/ are you an expert in?

My top fullfilment is the act of hair cutting as this action offers me the highest feeling of tranquility and being.