Mariana Luca

Mariana Luca

  • When and where did you start in this industry?

I started up 20 years ago when i randomly saw a very elegant woman in a chic salon from Bucharest city center doing a very gracious manicure at that time and immediately got in love with this domain. Here i am here, now .

  • Where did you train to becomes as good as you are today?

My first courses wore at the specialty course from that time and as an Opi trainer i find it impetuously necessary to always educate yourself constantly.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

I consider Pinterest a very signifiant source of inspiration although i mostly get inspired on the moment that i create a nail art, from my client ‘s look , i also inspire from the nature, objects anything that i can adapt on the nail .

  • Which technique do you feel most comfortable with/ are you an expert in?

My favorite technique at this moment is stilling the nail combi and apex gel color . My passion is abstract nail art .